Access to Information Material on CIPO’s Examination Guidelines for Medical Diagnostic Methods, PN2015-02

This site has been set up to host access to information (ATI) material obtained to elucidate the development and implementation of examination guidelines for medical diagnostics established by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. The site also hosts ATI material that provides information about other unpublished aspects of CIPO’s examining practices.

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Material on the Development & Implementation of PN2015-02

CIPO Examiners’ Bulletins

CIPO Examiner Training Presentations & Associated Material




CIPO Examiner Training Manuals

CIPO’s Standard Approved Wording

  • A-2016-00929 – includes PERM wording from November 2016
  • A-2016-00723 – includes PERM wording from February & March 2016


  • A-2016-00719 – Material concerning practice changes pursuant to CD1398, including Examiners’ Bulletin for August 2016 (2016-I), Training Presentation, and Working Draft of MOPOP Chapter 17

Excerpt on the Application of Supreme Court Jurisprudence

(slide from March 2017 Training Presentation)Slide12

Excerpt from Deliberations on Patent-eligibility of Diagnostics

(see Other Excerpts)2013-112